My Chelsea Collection

My Chelsea Collection 

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           I have designed this site to eventually be a showcase for every chelsea home programme since 1946. I will also start adding aways to the collection. 


           I have been collecting chelsea home programmes for three years and have since amassed 1550 which is not bad a short period. At the moment I am collecting from 1946 and need just 37 programmes to complete my chelsea home collection. I have 56 complete seasons out of 58 from 1950 so it wont be too soon until I have the full set.




 My first programme was the 1967 FA Cup final Chelsea vs Tottenham which was the spark of my collection. I liked the old style of it which I personally find a lot better than nower days progs which are way too bulky. From then on I started bulk buying programmes from the 60 /70 /80 /90's  until I suddenly found myself hunting down the odd programme to complete a season which seemed to be less fun than bulking but it was still satisfying.   


My favourite programme is chelsea's first league cup game vs Workington in 1960 as I waited ages for it to come up on ebay and when it did i was outbid so when it came on again a few months later I made sure I won it. It was the last programme I needed to complete my chelsea league cup collection.

#Site status-I am currently uploading individual photo's for every programme in my collection however I have only done 1946-1970 so far. For seasons after that you will only see one photo of all that seasons programmes together. 



This is my wants list for all the chelsea home programmes I need from 1946. If you have one of my wants please contact me via the contact page and we can negotiate a fair price:






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